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The Solicitor’s Assistance Scheme offers free confidential help, advice and guidance to all solicitors in England and Wales, their families and employees on any problems whether personal or professional. 

The assistance is given by experienced solicitors who are themselves in practice and who have agreed to share their knowledge and expertise by providing initial help.

You can talk freely to the scheme member safe in the knowledge that the conversation is covered by confidentiality and privilege. You will be receiving help from another solicitor who will have an understanding of your situation. If you wish you do not even have to provide your name. However, confidentiality is key to the call or calls.

How to Access Help

Click on the members' tab and you will find a list of the scheme members, their principal areas of expertise and their contact details.

Choose the member whom you wish to consult and telephone or email that solicitor direct. Please specify at the beginning of the telephone call or in your email that you are consulting the solicitor under the Solicitors Assistance Scheme. This will help to ensure that your call receives priority.

You can choose to remain anonymous but bear in mind that the scheme solicitor is obliged to maintain confidentiality in respect of all matters including your name.



I don’t think I would have coped without the support the SAS provided.


The SAS helped me turn my business around.


It saved my sanity.


  • Regulatory
    (Practise issues, COLP/COFA issues, Authorisation Issues)
  • Professional Disciplinary
    (Practising Certificate issues & conditions, Self Reports, SRA investigations, SDT referrals, and breaks of the accounts rules)
  • Partnership
  • Employment
  • Fraud & Crime
  • Interventions
  • Voluntary Closures or disposals of practise
  • Complaints & Negligence
  • Practice management
  • Money laundering
  • Insolvency